Truck Refrigeration Units

Electric-standby truck refrigeration units (E/S TRUs) can plug in directly into the grid to power refrigerated trailers while parked at docks or loading bays rather than idling the engine to keep the contents cold.

CenterPoint Energy offers free assistance to customers interested in E/S TRUs or infrastructure. There are also customer incentives of up to $1,000 per bay available for eligible installations of infrastructure to support E/S TRUs. Contact us if you would like to:

  • Learn more about the benefits of E/S TRUs and infrastructure incentives.
  • Calculate the potential financial and emission savings specific to your operations.
  • Receive assistance with alternative funding opportunities.
  • Connect to local trade allies or equipment dealers.


Reduced Costs

E/S TRUs can help reduce idling fuel costs by up to 80%.

Less Maintenance

Less wear and tear on the diesel engine while idling can also reduce maintenance costs by 15%.

Quieter & Safer Operations

Reduced noise from idling allows for greater operator awareness and reduced accidents.

Zero Site Emissions

E/S TRUs reduce greenhouse gas emissions from idling, contributing to a healthier, safer work environment for employees.


Cost Analysis

The chart below reflects the cost differences between a typical diesel TRU and an E/S TRU. As shown, electric-standby TRUs are significantly more cost-effective to own, potentially saving you over $17,000.

Electric-Standby TRU Cost Comparison Estimate*

100% Diesel TRU


Initial Capital Costs

Equipment Cost




Equipment Cost


Annual Fuel Costs

Fuel Cost per Gallon


Cost per kWh


Average Gallons per Hour


Unit Demand (kW)


Hours in Use per Week


Hours Plugged-in per Week


Annual Gallons Used


Annual kWh


Total Annual Fuel Cost


Electricity Cost


Annual Maintenance


Annual Maintenance


Annual Savings


Lifetime Savings (capital costs included)


*Numbers will vary depending on the capacity and operational habits of the unit.